Nivea Haul

note: late post


I was at Puregold Paco to buy some milk and diaper for baby Chloe.

I saw the a products from afar with Orange tags (meaning there were on sale)

and everything on that rack is on sale. so here I am trying to calm down 🙂

here’s my first purchase from Nivea sale

1st Purchase



and the next is what I called Panic Buying lol 🙂



Got stuff for my little ones, this line I must say is so hard to find. (during the sale period)

Even my sister is on the hunting mode for Nivea Baby Creams

We’ve been to malls around manila, and some part of Makati too, but no luck.

or we get to find it in some places  but they said they were not part of the “Sale Item”

The creams work well on our kids with sensitive skins.


Go Biggie on lotions 😀



Big and Small I got them all 🙂

-facial mud foam, pore minimizer foam



This I’m not familiar with but I regret buying just a piece 😦

It’s so nice I use it on my face hehehhe (but it is meant for the body)




– I am loyal to the Nivea Extra White Repair toner but still wanting to try other the other variant. so sad because I didn’t get to buy the green one.


Nivea Men

ofcourse… because I’ve ruin our monthly budget I need a “PAN-SUHOL”

mwuah daddyO!


My Favorite Nivea Deo




I was looking for the Fruity flavoured ones but its OUT OF STOCK

and so are the other items like Nivea Baby, Nivea Soaps etc.




I’ve seen this on my mga Tita’s when I was younger

and after how many years same packaging pa din. so classic

and so excited to try this.


Presenting my NIVEA Stash 🙂




how about you guys? did you get the chance to Buy | Hoard like me?


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