Belo AcnePro Review

My recent SampleRoom Haul

My Vip Points recently expired when the AcnePro line was out to be sampled.

So after a week pa ata ako nakapagrenew at order.

sample belo


I didn’t get the complete Belo AcnePro Line Because of the limited quantities and a wide range community at sampleroom, everything is gone in just a blink 😀 but still happy that I grabbed the AcnePro Toner and Pimple Gel will check it from time to time because sometimes they restocked 😀

*picture from Cassie’s Blog | SampleRoom

Who likes Pimples? Acnes? Raise your feet! 😀

for sure no one likes it…

Who likes  a pimple-free face?

MEEEEEE!!!! and my both feet was raised too 😛

anyway, here’s what I recently found out on Sample Room

*picture from Cassie’s Blog | SampleRoom

Easy Steps on How To Shine Bright and be Acne-Free 

Step1: Belo AcnePro Pimple-Fighting Gel Face Wash 

Step2: Belo AcnePro  Treatment Toner 

Step3: Belo AcnePro Pimple Gel  


Step1 Pimple Fighting Facial Wash



I personally bought Belo AcnePro Pimple-Fighting Gel Facial Wash at the grocery because it’s already sold out at SR.

and is still 0 in quantity the last time I checked.

I say:

It’s nice that it is Clear-Gel consistency, won’t easily slides of my palm and go down the drain unlike other liquid facial wash, and not so thick either. after washing my face with it, my face feels so clean and no trace of oil left.


Step2 Belo AcnePro Treatment Toner 


I say:

I noticed that it smells a bit strong, for me and my sister is a good sign, meaning maybe it will work big time 🙂

So I tried applying it on the cotton pad and onto my face. My sister is so interested too and frequently asks ” Mahapdi? Masakit? Ano na?

pause for dramatic effects….

and said HINDI!  

 it feels just fine and parang ang cool sa face ko. I used it daily ever since the xend sampleroom pack arrived. and it works fine on me. no breakouts too, unlike pag may new products ako na ita-try nagkaka-pimples ako a day after 😦 pero  sa Belo AcnePro Toner, wala talaga 🙂



Step3 Belo AcnePro Pimple Gel 


belo3 belo6

I say:

I’m so Excited sa Belo AcnePro line kasi I always want a clear face.

as in sana naman minsan wala kahit isang pimple there 🙂

-not so pretty na nga pimple-len pa 😛

or kung meron man eh wag na sya magtagal or mahinog 😀 (ewww :P)

So ito na nga…. Belo AcnePro Pimple Gel… lets see your powers.

I have this 3 pcs (binilang talaga) na pimple on my chin area. and It was about to get bigger,

I know. ( I can sense it 🙂 So I applied the Pimple Gel asap. it felt no sting, just a hint coolness maybe dahil sa air na humihip and nag absorb na sya sa skin. The day after, the pimple is still on that same size pero not so red na. and as the day progresses it seems drying out 🙂 AMAZING!

but I must say the bumps is still here although it minimizes in size and redness. and di na sya nagprogress into a mini volcanic pimp 🙂 (it takes time I guess walang instant pimple eraser noh except concealer hehehe) but the important part is di sya nag explode lol, I mean di humaba ang life span ni pimple sa fez ko 😀

(Sorry I didn’t take pictures kasi shyness ang lola nyo pag usapang pimples )


Product Price

Belo AcnePro Pimple-Fighting Gel Face Wash | 50ml P99.75

Belo AcnePro  Treatment Toner | 60ml 79.75

Belo AcnePro Pimple Gel | 10g 150.00      


So now the journey to being pimple-free me starts 🙂

I can shine bright with Belo AcnePro Line for a Clear Pimple-Free Face even without spotlight,because having a pimple-free face boost confidence and with confidence everyone can shine and be the best in every way they wishes them to be.


So Girls, Shine Bright!!!



20 thoughts on “Belo AcnePro Review

    1. hi! the first time I tried the acnepro gel the results were fine, the inflammation didn’t get worse and completely dried up after 5 days. but trying it for 2nd/3rd batch of pimples, drying up process was 7days or more pa and I got skin breakouts. maybe it depends on skin type and case to case basis. if you want to try this line better get it on SET/bundle (facial wash, toner and pimple gel) for 230.00 sa puregold *100peso off 🙂


  1. Siguro case to case basis nga. I was thinking of trying this eh. Although I dont have worst pimples naman, but had occasional breakouts when my period is nearing. I’m currently using ung Defensil Anti-Pimple Soap and Herbal Himalayas Face Wash both are cheaper. 35 pesos ung soap then ung face wash na maliit na 15ml. is 25 pesos lng. Okay nman so far pro patience is the key tlga. Yung toner ko Eskinol lang eh….Nttakot kc ako gumamit nitong Belo bka me adverse effect sa skin ko.


    1. hi @skinnychiq, thanks for ur comment 🙂 for me parang mild naman ung belo acne pro, nakakaliit naman ng pimples kaso un nga takes time minsan mabilis mawala minsan may katagalan ng time sa pag heal at pagkawala totally ng try ko na din ung himalaya and ang cute noh? will post a review about it too.


  2. Hey, dpat ittry ko yang AcnePro Toner ng Belo kea wlang stocks sa Watsons. Kea ang nbli ko ung Belo Essentials Hydrating Toner. Medyo mei regret kasi khpon sa Mercury pgbli ko nun Herbal Himalayas Facial Scrub, meron cla toner na Acne Pro, kainis. Siguro pg naubos nlng ung toner na gngmit ko…Sa tingin mu, pwde kea toh as a maintenance? At pg ngkapmple nkkwala kea ung toner na pimple marks?Thanks


    1. nakakainis dabah pag hanap ka nang hanap laging wala tas kung nakabili ka na ng iba makikita mo na ang dami nang stocks, saklap 😀 anyways di ko pa na try yung hydrating toner nila. but I’ve read reviews na nakakaliit sya ng pores and ung iba nagka skin breakouts pa but I guess initial reaction ng skin yung for a new product being used. they said give it time and you’ll see the results, about sa kung makakawala ng pimple marks di ko din sure pero malay mo mag work kasi hydrating naman sya baka marenew nya ung skin cells. I use erase (tretonin) before and nakakawala din ng pimple marks


      1. So far hndi nmn ako ngka break out almost a week ko ndn gngmit… Next time ung acne pro n bblhn ko bsta mei budget ako..hehe…. Wla na kasi ako maicp na toner. I tried Gluta C pro prang wlang nangyyre. I tried Eskinol too, hind ko nga naubos ung Classic White ko, kasi Belo na bnli ko. Kasi pag toner daw mppantay ung kulay mu… Yun daw ang purpose nun..


      2. my problem kasi with skincare products is pag bagong try nagkakapimples ako tas if i continue using it nawawala naman and pimples and do its job well pero after a month wala na sya magic sakin. dont know if naimmune na ba ang face ko or something hehehe.


      1. kailngan kasi matyaga to apply and di naman agad agad kita results (sana may ganun) pero mas nagiimprove yung skin ko, yung pagkawala ng visble marks di masyado pero nababawasan naman.


  3. ive read so many reviews about this line and many people said it does not sting but it does for me when i apply the pimple gel already 😦 i’ve just been using this in three days, and it’s my very first time to use toner and pimple gel so maybe that’s why idk but that’s not important anyway hopefully these products will lighten and make my blemishes go away though


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