Revlon Power Nails

Another Must-Attend from BDJ BOX

The BDJ BOX Beauty Soiree and REVLON 2nd wave of REVLON Nail Party Series

I joined in 3options posted on BDJ BOX Facebook to get more chances to be invited πŸ˜€




Winners Posted…

lucky bellas

and my name is not included on the list 😦

I was sad… so sad… super sad :((( sayang!



BUT!!! I got an email from Ms. Leah saying I got an invite πŸ˜€

at first I’m so Happy and quickly replied and confirmed my attendance.

… time passed but she didn’t acknowledged my email.

(worried here hahaha)

so as we all knows girls over-think… and a lot goes inside my head

so I was like ” maybe wrong sent?”


and asked friends like Glenda and Lourdes what a girl like me should do?

haha MAJOR Prob?

so I emailed Ms. Leah asking if i really got an invite πŸ˜€ or wrong sent email lang 😦

and… she emailed back that I am included on the updated list.

power nails invite

I’m IN! wiiiii! so happy πŸ™‚

and badly need it.

I really want to learn how to do my own nail art πŸ™‚



aci me
Aci Girl

ang lola nyo πŸ™‚ -thanks Lourdes for taking my pic πŸ™‚

contis greenbelt2

held at Conti’s Greenbelt2

snack time

Snack time!

– I was wondering why eating time na agad?

later the day I realized magiging busy na nga pala sa nails, SUPER BUSY as IN!

Ms. Nicole
Ms. Nicole Romero | @beautyandsparkl

beauty and sparkles

Ms. Nicole Romero | Beauty and Sparkles

thought us the basic nail care, tips and tricks on how to do nail arts

*sorry if I wasn’t able to take complete pictures of the workshop,

all eyes, ears to Ms. Nicole. (and hands for the nails arts)

I’m so interested and forgot to take pix πŸ˜€

and don’t wanna ruin my nail art that takes me almost 48 years to make πŸ™‚


loot bags were already on our tables

and its HEAVY!!! πŸ˜€

basic nail care

Ms. Nicole on Basic Nail Care

mani 101

Mani 101 πŸ™‚ yay! getting started!


Pretty bellas πŸ™‚

I think nasa 50 kami lahat πŸ˜€

nail art

and this is the last pic I got to take on Ms. Nicole’s Tips and Tricks on Nail Art

because the next slides she posted got me so curious and wondering how my self will be able to that later..



base coat

REVLON Nail Brightener | Base Coat

A must and never to be neglected to protect nails from discoloration

first try

First try πŸ™‚

with the New REVLON Nail Art SUNCANDY

(psst! its a new product from Revlon and we’re the first to try it and take some home πŸ™‚



Revlon Nail Art SunCandy


polka dots πŸ™‚




REVLON Perfumerie is LOVE!!!

Scented Nail Enamels πŸ˜€

I fell in-love with this shade and scent –chocolate truffle


2nd try… anyare sa pink polka? nasira 😦

now i tried naman the REVLON Perfumerie in ChinaFlower.

pero dahils shakey hands… nasira ulit hihihi

kaya di na muna ako nag pictures hanggat di pa tapos πŸ˜€

and… ito na sya πŸ˜€


inspiration: lady bug and a donut in jco πŸ˜€




paunawa : wagpo maghanap ng nail art sa kanan πŸ˜›

yan lang po nakayanan πŸ™‚

aci’s nail art


Super Thanks to BDJ BOX and REVLON Philippines πŸ™‚

till next Revlon Nail Party Series!



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