BdjBox 7 Day Challenge

Yes! I’m taking my chances and trying my luck 🙂

Im joining the #BDJBOX7day challenge. (for the 2nd time)

first attempt at instagram 

I got this box by subscribing at for 580/month

heres BDJ BOX website >

and Facebook >

This time I’m using IT’s POTENT! Eye cream of Benefit Cosmetics from BDJ BOX month of June.


It’s Potent eye cream… catchy name right?

I’m so excited to try this because I’ve read good reviews about it  here and  abroad.


I bake during night time, because day time is MOMMY MODE time 🙂

so eye bags are really my big big BIG problem -halata ba?


DAY 1: noticed my layered eyebags? lol

I got a mini pot! so cute!!!

The eye cream is  super light yellow in color, smells weird but not bad and goes away in a while.

feels light when applied, feels a little oily.


DAY 2: peek a BOO!

Nothing much but I noticed my skin around my eye became more ok.

( I have dry skin )


DAY 3: Di na sya layered!!!

Moist and Supple. Fine lines became less visible.

I also Include the Benetint and Big and Easy. looks natural 🙂

Benetint: feels so light, not sticky as if nothing at all but looks so nice

Big and Easy: Seems dark but once applied blends well and just right lang naman pala for me 🙂

and its true liquid to powder finish 🙂


DAY 4: Benetint


my post on Instagram 🙂


DAY 5: The Porefessional Pro Balm .

Lollitint and Big and Easy Bigger than BB Cream.

Tried these 3 and its a  Wow kind of thing! specially the Big and Easy.

it looks a little darker than other bb creams I’ve tried but once you spread it evenly it looks great! plus it says “liquid to powder” taray!


DAY 6: Smiling ME!

with Stay Flawless 15hr Primer, Benetint and Big And Easy

 I’m not newbie in make up stuff  not even a pro, but I stopped learning new things about it when I became a mom. I’m not familiar with Primers. (may ganyan-ganyan na pala now?!)

Stay Flawless: feels like a wax or something (oh god I’m not good at this 🙂

but feels light when applied. having it a silky feel I guess and I think it really does its work to prolong my make up.

There’s still eye bags saying hello, because I’m still staying up late this past few days.

Kids been sick (but they-re all fine now) Baking Mode plus me time watching online movies pa. 🙂


DAY 7: viola!!! much better than day 1 right 🙂

with  Benefit lollitint and The Porefessional Pro Balm.

Lollitint: I’m less interested in this product at first because I know it’s PINK

but I tried it anyway and it’s ok naman pala 😀

lollitint upclose

the Porefessional Pro Balm: It really minimized my PORES!

to sum it up, I enjoyed my bdjbox7day challenge.

The It’s Potent eye cream really works for me.

My eye bags became less in its ginormous size and my fine lines became less visible too.

had fun trying out these benefit products and looking forward to try other Benefit Cosmetics

specially the push up liner and Dr. feelgood 🙂 kaintriga the name 😀

hope you enjoyed seeing my selfies -este reviews

till next 🙂



BDJ Benefit Box for June 🙂


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