BDJ Rendezvous Meet The Dream Chasers

sorry for the super late post. #mommymode

here’s a glimpse of what happen during the BDJ Rendezvous Meet the Dream Chaser

Date: June 14 2014 |  1-5pm | Eastwood Mall

20140614_124330 20140614_124334

arrived just in time 🙂


 Hosted by @karenbordador

20140614_132206 20140614_132208

First Talk: The Bull Runner and she’s a mom!!!

she started running at the age of 30 (if I remembered it right)

finds time to run no matter what.

If you really like what youre doing and your passionate about it, You definitely have time for it.

IMG_20140614_142147 IMG_20140614_142214

 Second Talk:

She’s like me, at first she didn’t know what course to take.

But later on discovers what she really likes!

I hope someday I can speak like her or like them (all the speaker for that day) were so passionate about their craft. I can really feel that they found their purpose so happy about it.


Third Talk:  Chase your dreams as if you were chasing boys!



and snack time 🙂



Red Mango


20140614_160752 20140614_160754

Fourth Talk by: Kate Alvarez

about dealing with depression

been there, sometimes still there but im moving on… #relatemuch ako





and I got meet new friends


20140614_164550 20140614_164554

Celest, Glenda and MEE!!!


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