The Best Fried Chicken in the World is from…


not dads world buffet ah,

but Dads as in our Dad in the house πŸ™‚ -mi amore πŸ˜€


I’m a baker and people always says “wow ang sarap ng cakes mo!” ” galing galing mo naman”

but to be honest my powers are stuck in baking and hindi ako marunong nang lutong bahay!!! hahahahahahahah

now the secret is out πŸ˜€ #dontjudgeme lol


2014-09-15 18.57.34
Dad’s PRIDE Chicken πŸ˜€


the only secret is rabadub-dub with tender-love-and-care + Β salt πŸ˜›

seems so simple but I can’t… it’s either it’s too salty or waley lasa!!!

kaya award na sa kanya yan πŸ˜€ pag fried chicken ang usapan sya na agad!!!

Thanks Dad!

requested this last night kasi ayoko nang sinigang… bawal maasim sakin eh :”)

Thank you lord for my hubby di man sya sweet… salty naman at masarap ang chicken hahhaha Β πŸ˜€



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