Free Samples: Huggies Dry Pants

My kids grew up with this.

Specially my Eldest.

Remember your first pregnancy,  buying things for the baby is super saya!

anjan yung madaming gifts from relatives and also unsolicited advice na buy this buy that na minsan di mo mawari kung kailngan ba talaga? but at the end of it all we never settle for anything less.

For our precious baby means the world to us and we all aim for ALL GOOD BEST STUFF RIGHT?



Back in the day, -wow nakakatanda! please allow me to make kwento 🙂

Huggies is Pricey, almost 15/pc ata ang entry level na diaper nila noon but super worth it naman. Madaming naco-collect na weewee and di agad agad nag le-leak.

And I remember may mga designs pa yung diapers nila, colored and printed with animals and baby things 🙂

I also love yung mga free gifts with it lalo na sa mga big pack purchases,  I remember getting a kiddie tent! Saya!

and now ang Huggies Dry Pants is only 10-11 pesos ata per piece? and Dry Pants na ito huh, noon kasi sa kid ko is tape pa lang, not even the magic tape version. Kaya I love Huggies more than ever dahil mas affordable na sya 🙂


Well bago humaba ang post ko, just wanna share this to fellow Moms na may mga bagets, kiddielets that still using diaper specially sa di pa nakaka-try ng huggies.

Para you can put this diaper to  test and see kung pasado ba sa inyo and malay nyo mahigitan ang current brand of diapers ni baby diba? TRY na! It’s FREE!



With the new Huggies Dry Pants, there is now a faster, more convenient and hassle-free way to change diapers — one that is easier and more comfortable for your baby! –HUGGIES Philippines Facebook Page



Get your free (4’s) sample pack now 🙂



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