TriMedia Advertising Update (Print Ad)

This is my super late update lol

nakalimutan ko na toh actually 🙂


Here’s the Print Ad of Ricci’s Pictorial sa isang Photo Studio/Printing Shop sa Mall of Asia

Pictorial Fee: P1200-1500 ata if i remember it right 🙂


This was sent by TriMedia Advertising Agency after a month.


contents:  Pictures from the Shoot and a 3 copies of the Showbiz Sosyal Paper


During the photo shoot my kid was ask to make different poses,

kaya naloka ako na ang pictures sa paper ay  parang 1×1 id pic lang and yung names nila is posted below pa.

anyways, expectorant lang ako kaya ganun hahaha 😀 😀 😀



20140710_120938 20140710_120942


Read Ricci’s VTR at TriMedia here



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