The Cutesy Peppermint Salon in SM AURA

Take a look at this cutesy kiddie salon located at Unit B-07 of SM Aura Premier.

Peppermint Salon is a kiddie salon and spa, with eye-catching facilities that I bet our kiddies will surely like. As a Mom, I know the struggle is real for our tots to have a haircut. Patience to be tested too. There would be episodes of tantrums or for our little ones to easily gets bored. Good thing Peppermint Salon understands that, because the lady owner has the same dilemma too. She also had a li’l kid of her own. She loves pampering herself and likes to share that moment too with her daughter. What a super nice right? Mom and daughter bonding, and Also for Dad’s and their son. Yey!!!

 In here, you can have your hair cut done together with your kids. Isn’t that Cool! But this depends on the hair stylists availability so better book for an appointment just to be sure cause I think they can only accommodate a few number of clients at a time.

Did I mention that it’s a nail salon too? Look!!! 

There’s this cute and looking so grand mani-pedi chair in Peppermint Salon. 

Too bad I don’t have a picture of it.  😦 

But Seriously I tell you it’s instagramable event the hair styling area for girls.

Peppermint Salon is also open for private events, like birthday’s or just wanting to hang out with sparties.

Mommy Joy is having her hair done. Wait, hear this out. 

She’s having a Brazillian Blowout the “ehem“,  Authentic way. 

SEE? The One and The Only. 

Next time you’re having a Brazillian BlowOut treatment ask to see the bottle first. 

There’s a lot of imitations and fakes out there.

Also, the next time you’re visiting SM AURA, please do check Peppermint Salon

For more details and price list check them out on facebook.

How do you like this post? Okay ba?  (^.^,)

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