The Cutesy Peppermint Salon in SM AURA

Take a look at this cutesy kiddie salon located at Unit B-07 of SM Aura Premier.

Peppermint Salon is a kiddie salon and spa, with eye-catching facilities that I bet our kiddies will surely like. As a Mom, I know the struggle is real for our tots to have a haircut. Patience to be tested too. There would be episodes of tantrums or for our little ones to easily gets bored. Good thing Peppermint Salon understands that, because the lady owner has the same dilemma too. She also had a li’l kid of her own. She loves pampering herself and likes to share that moment too with her daughter. What a super nice right? Mom and daughter bonding, and Also for Dad’s and their son. Yey!!!

 In here, you can have your hair cut done together with your kids. Isn’t that Cool! But this depends on the hair stylists availability so better book for an appointment just to be sure cause I think they can only accommodate a few number of clients at a time.

Did I mention that it’s a nail salon too? Look!!! 

There’s this cute and looking so grand mani-pedi chair in Peppermint Salon. 

Too bad I don’t have a picture of it.  😦 

But Seriously I tell you it’s instagramable event the hair styling area for girls.

Peppermint Salon is also open for private events, like birthday’s or just wanting to hang out with sparties.

Mommy Joy is having her hair done. Wait, hear this out. 

She’s having a Brazillian Blowout the “ehem“,  Authentic way. 

SEE? The One and The Only. 

Next time you’re having a Brazillian BlowOut treatment ask to see the bottle first. 

There’s a lot of imitations and fakes out there.

Also, the next time you’re visiting SM AURA, please do check Peppermint Salon

For more details and price list check them out on facebook.

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My Son’s ArtWork (late post)

2014-06-21 10.13.45


I saw this again on our picture folders.

This is super memorable to me!

as mom every single even simple things done by my kid is already an achievement or milestone for me to cherish and be proud of.

As you can see it was dated June 17.2014

what can you say? comm’on dont be shy? I won’t get mad.


well here’s my thoughts:


First thing that caught my attention was his drawing of the “Dad” 

I can say that Charles draw what his “Dad” looks like. at least para sa pov nya 😀

and I must say na medyo kuha ah!

1. The Hair Style.

2. The Big Smile


Next is “Chloe”

with 3 strands of hair 😛 because our bunso always had her hair tied up para iwas kalat sa face. and again the big smile 😀


Then we have “Ricci”

long hair, same hair style and a flashy smile 😀


Now is “Charles” turn,

his interpretation of himself…

masaya toh:

1. Hair Style

2. Round Eyes

and this is the best part…. ROUND CHEEKS!!!

special award for that 😀 ang dami naming tawa jan… atleast normal naman pala his eyes and nakikita nya ang mga facial features namin hahaha


and that’s it 😛

thanks for reading and aappreciating my son’s artwork with me 😀




I skipped something?




ah.. yun ba? okey…

and Now the Okray Part of it all…

take a look at my Portrait, called “Mommy”

1. Round face

2. Orange lippie

3. Side Pony

and 4. The overkill Eye Brows!


actually I asked him what happened?

bat ganyan???

ganyan ba itsura ko?


he said: ang hirap kasi nung shape, diba nagpaayos ka ng brows? nag iba tuloy di ko na magaya 😛

yun naman pala 😀



Thanks again for taking time to read this post 😀

alam nyo naman pag mother na, lahat halos lalo na kung nakaka proud is i-she-share mo sa mundo 😀

yan tayo eh! Cheer’s to all Mom out there!!! specially sa stage mom kagaya ko 😛 AJA!




TriMedia Advertising Update (Print Ad)

This is my super late update lol

nakalimutan ko na toh actually 🙂


Here’s the Print Ad of Ricci’s Pictorial sa isang Photo Studio/Printing Shop sa Mall of Asia

Pictorial Fee: P1200-1500 ata if i remember it right 🙂


This was sent by TriMedia Advertising Agency after a month.


contents:  Pictures from the Shoot and a 3 copies of the Showbiz Sosyal Paper


During the photo shoot my kid was ask to make different poses,

kaya naloka ako na ang pictures sa paper ay  parang 1×1 id pic lang and yung names nila is posted below pa.

anyways, expectorant lang ako kaya ganun hahaha 😀 😀 😀



20140710_120938 20140710_120942


Read Ricci’s VTR at TriMedia here


Happy Eat-Like-a-Viking Birthday Daddy Osc!

Welcome Dearies,

Allow me to share our Viking’s Birthday Dinner for Our Daddy Osc’s.

I will be reviewing some of the food that we had that day…

wag masyadong mag expect ah, cause this post is not super detailed about the said restaurant 🙂

now… lets begin…

antay-antay muna sa labas kasi 6:30 pa mag oopen for dinner ang Viking’s Mall of Asia

so play time with Chloe muna 🙂

natataranta sa mga kiddie rides along bay side of Mall Of Asia 🙂

The Birthday Boy 🙂

Am-pogi… -araw mo eh 😛

konting lakad-lakad pa till mag 6:30pm

and napadpad kami sa toyko!


ang ganda pag gabi, daming lights 😀

dami ding mag jowa on the sea wall watching the sun set 😛 # inggit

my mini me 🙂

and 6:30 na!

Please be seated 🙂

ito yun eh … nag Viking’s para mag tinapay 😀


BREADS 3/5 keri naman… mostly matigas 😦

CHEESE 3/5 matigas din 😦

juma-Japanese on the side…

REVIEW: Japanese Section 5/5

infairness mas madaming choices here than MegaMall

Chloe’s Plate


Fries 4/5 mainit init pa 🙂

Mini Burger 3/5 matigas na ang bun 😦

Crab & Egg Squares 4/5

That later was turned into a cup…

cause she discover the candy buffet!!!

Welcome to my Party!


REVIEW: Chocolate Fountain 3/5

super oily. mukhang majority is vegetable oil 😦

super nipis ma-coat  ng chocolate ang dippers nila 😦


The Birthday Cake… 3/5

😦 na sad ako actually! square? and NO HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOTE?

mukha lang tuloy ordinary cake from the buffet tables 😦

i-compare nyo naman dito 🙂 KABOG!!!

My Birthday Cake from Viking’s MegaMall – taray!!!

pero ok siempre Birthday mo toh dad 😛

kaya balik tayo sa PARTY moh!

add some colors -by chloe magiging cake artist din ata 😛

Ready na si Kuya 😀 #FightModeOn

ay! tapos na pala sya hahahahha…


anong drama yan? melted ice cream

sinadya nya para daw di sya sipunin hahahahhaha 😀

gaya-gaya ang bata 🙂

ayaw naman nya kainin… nilalaro lang 😀

nothing much to see..

cause honestly mas nagustuhan ko ang food sa MegaMall kesa sa Mall of Asia 😦

pero in fairnezz mas maganda ang ambiance sa Mall of Asia Branch nila and mas madaming food choices. yun lang…

turning Japanes ang lola nyo 🙂

My Plate…

Daddy Osc’s Plate 🙂 and hilig sa hipon… tsk tsk…

Kid’s Plate 🙂 -chloe

Round 2? hahah

dahil birthday mo may pancit!!!

see that grin? may tinatago kasing candies….

infairness ito ang consistent!!! my favorite frozen yogurt 🙂 panalo ang taste neto!!!


 Chloe’s Dessert Plate

REVIEW: Desserts 3.5/5

me? di na ako nag dessert. alam ko na lasa choz 😛

and again, mas masarap ung dessert sa MegaMall!!!

pero infairness madaming breads, cookies and kung anik anik sa sweets sa dito.

pero I preffer CheeseCakes and Mousse eh, which is konti that day and kung meron man masyadong airy na at wala nang smoothness 😦 -taray fumu-food critic 😛


Candies Galore!!!


nakakatuwa kasi may candy buffet. sakto para sa mga moody na bagets 😀

yun nga lang so-so lang ang mga candies here 🙂 pasensya hehe mapag expect ang lola

sana may jelly bean, snickers, m&ms hahaha joke 🙂 mala-candy corner ang wishlist.


Ice Cream!!!

REVIEW: 3/5 may mga choices naman, pero yung mga basic flavors lang.

sana may rocky road or cookies and cream man lang hihi #wishlist

Milo Slush-something… 🙂 pasensya na di update ang lola…

the kids looooove it!!! so 5/5 and Drinks Station nila

REVIEW: Drinks Station 5/5 -kakasabi lang dabah?

and another good point sa Mall Asia Branch, mas masarap ang drinks nila kesa sa MegaMall

mas masarap and di matubig 😀 pak na pak!!!

pero wala silang DIY Bubble tea hihi.

and nga pala meron silang “shabu’shabu” effect na nalalaman…

nacurious yung eldest ko dun hahaha at ako din 🙂 #next time!!!

an tagal ng “happy birthday to you” song hahaha sleepy na ang kids…

actually yun ang dinayo namin choz!

she likes to eat it na!!! sana dalawa or tatlo ang group ng singers nila kasi ong togol….

naka ilang trip to buffet ka na bondat ka nat lahat pero wala pa ang birthday song for you 🙂

araw-araw naman na may nag-be-birthday eh para di obvious na yun lang inaantay ng iba hahaha 🙂

pansinin nyo pag nagawi kayo sa vikings. pag katapos kantahan yung may birthday, bill out na agad at alis 😛

#gawain 😛 #relatemuch

and medyo that’s it 🙂

sana may napulot kayong gintong aral 😀 hahahahha

as usual, ako camera man 😛

ansaveh ng vengs ko? hahaha ako lang gumupit nyan… halata? hahahaha

Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life 😀 mwuah-mwuah tsup-tsup!!!

Thank You sa pag-basa neto 🙂

nga pala naka discount kami kasi Birthday ni daddy Osc, kung walang mag Birthday medyo madugo ang price hahahaha kaya samantalahin ang Birthday Promo 🙂


teka sino pala nag bayad???

I got this mom :/



check them out here:



HUGGIES DryPants StepUp Dance Showdown Contest


Calling all Mom’s Out there!

It’s Time to Show-Off your baby’s Kulit-Likot-Dance-Moves and Get a chance to win up to 1 year supply of HUGGIES DryPants!

That’s 1 year diaper savings!!!

Now let me get my camera! coz I’m joining too! *please support my entry din ah 🙂 #campaign



1. Download the Huggies DryPants Easy-Palit Jingle 

2. Record a video of your baby while doing her kulit dance moves with the Huggies DryPants Easy-Palit Jingle

3. Must be wearing HUGGIES DryPants and a Huggies DryPants Pack must also be seen on the video

4. Register and upload your video on Huggies Philippines Facebook

5. In case I missed something… Read full mechanics on HUGGIES Philippines Facebook page

Click Huggies DryPants Banner for Full Mechanics


Have you seen the HUGGIES TVC?

that easy! 😀


What are you waiting for? tawagin na si baby and wiggle wiggle with HUGGIES DryPants!

main-banner_03 (2)

just in case your were inspired to join too, include me as your referrer ah 🙂

here’s my email add: thankie 😀



Osc 30-ish BDAY with Baskin Robbins #31happiest Contest

Dahil nasarapan ang kids sa first Baskin Robbins Experience nila, Daddy O decided to include Baskin Robbins  on his birthday week treat again 😀

and wouldn’t it be nice if his birthday cake would be from Baskin na if we win 😀

wish us luck!!!



If Baskin Robbins has triple junior scoop, may pantapat ako jan! meet my Triple Junior Squad 😛





My Eldest

-na camera shy 🙂

IMG_2068 IMG_2067

My Mini Me – na ayaw magpaawat sa pictorial

IMG_2069 IMG_2070 IMG_2071

and the real life version of  AGNES in the animation movie Despicable Me!

our baby bunso 😀


walang pila sa Baskin Robbin’s when we arrived at 6pm 🙂 saya na sana diba?

kaso wala na lahat ng flavor na gusto kong i-try 😦

mega plan pa naman ako ng next target to taste ko but the only flavor available that time was 11 😦

and mga plain lang karamihan, SADNESSSSSSSS!

to cheer us up the Ice Cream guy asked us to try the flavor of the month na nalalimutan ko kung ano hahahahah.

Pero di ko din feel 😦 in the end halos na tikman namin ung mga nandun lahat kasi wala nang mapili hahahaha.

We just ordered chocolate and peanut butter for Charles, gold medal ribbon for Chloe and rainbow sorbet Ricci.


IMG_2073 IMG_2077


but my pasaway na bunso grabbed Ricci’s cup and ayaw na ibalik 😦 kawawang Ricci. Buti na lang ate understand and she just keep in mind that babies like Chloe are like the baby dragons in the movie How to Train your Dragon 2, that they won’t listen to the ALPHA Dragon no matter what.(the alpha refers to me daw) and thank god for that at naintindihan nya na ang kaartehan ng bunso namin.




Asked our baby-bunso if she likes is, and she said LIKE!!! then giggles 😀

IMG_2089 IMG_2090 IMG_2091

*reaction nya talaga yan sa ice cream 😀


pag sinabi kong PENGE?… this happens…


IMG_2092 IMG_2093 IMG_2094

lumalayo nang bongga 😛 she doesn’t want to share 😦

IMG_2095 IMG_2098

Naubos agad ni kuya and Choco Peanut Butter Ice Cream nya and halata bang like nya yung Rainbow Sorbet ko? (regular cup)

yeah I ordered the same thing, masarap kasi maasim, nakakakontra umay 🙂

IMG_2086 IMG_2087 IMG_2088


When I say sige na nga share na tayo, ayan kuya start to dig in na 😛



regular cup cost 119/scoop 

junior cup cost 85/scoop

mas sulit if triple scoop na lang at 195/3 scoop

dapat lang mabilis ka kumain or else maghahalo halo ang lasa which is baka di nyo na feel 🙂

and if ever uulit ako mas i will go for junior scoop na lang konti lang naman difference sa laki 😛

IMG_2099 IMG_2101 IMG_2102

IMG_2105  IMG_2107 

IMG_2103 IMG_2106


Gone in 60 seconds 😛

Medyo malayo from our place pero keri lang! for  a good, nah! the best tasting ice cream ever dayuhin na 🙂

Can’t wait for the Makati branch para mas malapit sana 😀

for the 31 cakes in 31 days Baskin Robbins Contest details posted below 😀

try your luck din guys 🙂



Baskin Robbins Philippines #31happiest Picture Contest 🙂

See Pictures for Complete Mechanics:


A special Treat from Made in Candy’s Special Day

After our #bestfoodforward tour we decided to go around the PowerPlant Mall, looking for our current milk tea fave, but sadly Dakasi was nowhere to be found 😦

As we walk our baby-bunso panicky walks towards this  a familiar looking booth! And me and my hubby’s face were like “oh no! Candy!!! this was their favorite! honestly medyo pricey sya. 100 for a small foil with ziplock pack. P75 in mini jar and 150 for the bigger one.

so ito na nga, my kids and I  loves to watch the candy makers in action. The Nice lady from Made in Candy offers free samples to taste and my kids LOVED it that they went back for more 🙂 eeeeh kahiya on the side 😛

So not broke my kids heart I gave in and said “kids, tipid mode tayo ah, wala pa funds kaya share-share lang okey?” and payag naman sila 🙂

Now here’s SWEET SURPRISE without me even noticing the Announcement!

Made in Candy  Celebrates their 2nd Anniversary and it’s Bigger than Ever!!!


Details below 🙂 *from Made in Candy Facebook Page

From October 11-15, Enjoy BUY 1 TAKE 1 on selected items!!!“This serves as a thank you to all our customers for having been with us these past 2 years. “MECHANICS:
*Promo Duration: October 11-15, 2014
*Buy 1 Take 1 on selected items
*Buy 1 Take 1 promotion is not applicable in conjunction with other promotions/discounts (e.g senior citizen discount)
*Made In Candy customers may avail the Buy 1 Take 1 promo in multiple transactions with the limit of Php 2,000.00 worth of purchase.
*Previous and foregoing purchases after the 15th will not be honored
*Items must be availed and picked up during the promo period only
(October 11-15, 2014)

Participating Branches:

Powerplant Rockwell- 2/F Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

*SM Megamall- UG/F SM Megamall, Mega A, EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

*Alabang Town Center- New Wing, Alabang Town Center
Alabang-Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa
Metro Manila

*Glorietta 4- 3rd Level, Glorietta 4, Glorietta
Ayala Avenue cor. Pasay Road, Ayala Center, Makati

and here’s what we bought
20141012_153045 20141012_153050
 20141012_153048 20141012_174831
Our baby bunso with her favorite Rainbow  Made in Candy
20141012_153100 20141012_153059
and the tipid mode goes a long way 🙂 yung dapat share-share naging 1 pack for each and 1for me because of the Special Sale 🙂
Thanks Made in Candy!!! and Happy 2nd Birthday! este Anniversary pala 🙂
ate with pink hearts 🙂
kuya with assortments
*Buy 1 take 1 till October 15 only!!!
FLAVORS? too many to mention 😀
for first timers go for the assorted flavors so you get to taste almost everything 😀
(p.s will try to post a detailed review about this soon)
Made in Candy on Facebook
Made in Candy on Instagram