Advertisement VS Actual Product

Bought this yesterday at 711 for my son’s baon. (dahil tanghali na ako nagising 😀 )


711 Busog Meal Century Tuna Superbods

Tuna Omelette for P29.00

budget meal in a box


2014-10-07 11.03.10


look at the pics!

so inviting for the kuripot mom in me 😀


and now the actual product…

I prepared my self for this *hahahhha


2014-10-07 11.03.15


and the excitement goes down to the floor 😀

I was like “What the efffff?”

My husband said: what do you expect? and extravagant meal for 29.00?

I said: Yah! hahahaha but seriously sana medyo may bakasnamankahitkontinung pictures sa box cover nila

mas ok-ok pa ang *bentelog (si-log meals that are priced for 20.00++)


a bit disappointing pero keribells lang

a good meal comes with a good price too I know, but this??? false advertisement

sabagay good luck if may bibili pa kung yung picture ng actual product ang nilagay nila sa box 😀



Price: 5/5 -afford

Value for Money: 3/5 -pwede na

Appearance: 1/5 -mageexplain pa ba?

Taste: 2.5/5 -pwede na sa gutom… sa sobrang gutom 😀

will I but this again? DEPENDE if WALA NANG CHOICE hahahaha