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Snoe Beauty Bar

Having a lot of pimples lately and di na sya kinakaya ng usual regimen ko 😦

I’m not into make-ups talaga before kaya siguro pimples are here to say HI! hahaha

and maybe parang Mr. Right din ang make-up and skin care products., I havent found the right one for me pa hahaha 😀


lately I promise to myself na timeout muna sa makeups and kung anik-anik na samples/trial on my face.

napapadalas na kasi ang irritation ng lola nyo 😀


kaya when october starts, I also start using the Snoe Beauty Sleep Beauty Bar

2014-10-05 19.16.03 2014-10-05 19.16.12

2014-10-05 19.16.18 2014-10-05 19.16.26


Initial Results? here’s what I say:

Price: 199.00 I’m not so sure  🙂 medyo pricey dabah? sana worth it… #abangan 🙂


a. packaging: 5/5


b. bar: 4/5

edgy! literally 🙂 gives an impression of handmade soap and made with love


color is nice too! I like it

I like the imprints on it. I find it cute and resembles one of my favorite childhood games called “jack stones” but hubby said its an asterisk 😛 I wonder who’s right  😀

Scent: 2/5

not so mabango actually 😦 pero keri naman for me.

pst! smells like sabon panlaba nung bata ako, remember PERLA? only 80’s kids can relate 😀

but this also gives an impression na it’s made safe, no harsh chemicals churva right?


(judging this base on my 8th day using this soap 3/5)

easy to lather, bubbles galore.

on my first wash I was expecting it to sting but it didn’t, I felt the tingling effect on my 3rd-4th try.

my pimples now are turning dry. (but not as fast as my pimple gel, but that pimple gel lost its magic on me na:( )


will update this soon…

I just hope my pimples will be gone for good.



This is NOT an anti acne soap.

This is an ANTI-Aging Soap

but still wanting to see its power on me.

plus it has an Ingredient called MACA ROOT as an anti acne thingy.


abangan ang susunod na kabanata 😀



Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion

This makeup remover is my 2014 new discovery! WOW! Title!

I learned about this Bifesta Cleansing Lotion at  BDJ Box Beauty Social held I think first quater of the year.

They were giving away free samples that day.

My Mom was so excited about this and she’s the one who told me to line up to get samples  😀

-now what happen to the samples?

My Mom took it ALL!  so I wasn’t able to try it for myself.


Been reading a lot of good reviews about it and naiintriga na talaga ako.

I get to buy my very own bottle with a discount of 100 off courtesy of my May BDJ BOX

and that time may contest din from The Beauty Junkee  and Bifesta Philippines on Instgram

and Ahem! I WON!!! -because it’s my Birthday month kaya siguro may BirthdayLuck /  Magic ako  that time.

read about it here >> TBJxBifesta Celebrate Beauty


so, back to this post.

Here’s my tried and tested Bifesta Cleansing lotion Experience.

I was joining a make up workshop and im armed with my mini Bifesta 🙂

-arriving super tired after that event tamad to wash my face and remove my make up na.


Meet my “MINI BI” mini bifesta 🙂

Bifesta is the Key!


and days ago I tried to do my own makeup and got to take pix about Bifesta’s super power.

C360_2014-09-02-14-52-55-824  C360_2014-09-02-14-52-30-747

with MakeUp 


C360_2014-09-02-17-34-14-774 C360_2014-09-02-17-34-20-323

Cleansed with Bifesta 


and now the dirty part


please excuse my mess 😛


“Bifesta Cleansing Lotion is your daily beauty solution. A one step make-up remover that cleanses and nourishes.”

                                                                                                                                                                                  –Bifesta Facebook Page





*Cleanser, Toner, MakeUp Remover and Moisturizer in 1

*Removes dead skin cells easily

*no need to rinse

*no oily feeling

*removes mascara too

*and lipstick in one swipe

*feels fresh right after application

*One bottle can last from 1-1.5 Months



the only down side is….

it tastes bitter -well it’s not a food naman so carry on.


Which Bifesta do you like?

I got AGE CARE and SEBUM 🙂

10406476_309064389252775_1650167200975927253_n 10377288_309064395919441_2858137742821825035_n

10371944_309064455919435_2064653648201187712_n 10407012_309064385919442_3415274870024058526_n


Get your own bottle of  Bifesta at BDJBOX.COM or Watson’s stores near you @ P419.00/bottle

Like Bifesta Facebook Page








SkinWhite Whitening Body Wash

skinwhite body wash

SkinWhite Body Wash

Full Size: 235ml

Price: 100.00

Scent: 5/5

Cleansing: 4/5 lalo na if with pang-hilod 😛

Moisturizing Properties: 4/5

Whitening: 3/5

I love this product so much because of its Scent.

Super Bango!!! and I feel so fresh using it.

I think I received this item months ago na,

(during summer time- kung san ang sarap maligo 🙂

but still wala pa din ako makitang ganito sa mga groceries till now.