Jollibee digital ads “Crush” and “Regalo ni Lolo” included in top global ad list FeelMore50

A global survey has recognized one of the viral Kwentong Jollibee ads “Crush” and the Christmas digital material “Regalo ni Lolo” as among the world’s most compelling, according to the global ad ranking FeelMore50. The chart, which features TV ads and digital films from all over the world, was prepared by United Kingdom-based research firm System 1 Group and weighed based on an emotional impact review that were based on the responses of more than 50,000 consumers.

Jollibee is the only Philippine brand, and the only one from the quick service restaurant category, to make it to the list.

Out of 702 entries, Kwentong Jollibee’s “Crush” video ranked 44th, while the Christmas video special “Regalo ni Lolo” ranked 47th. Both shorts have been well-received locally, with “Crush” registering 19.6 million views and “Regalo ni Lolo” 8.9 million views on YouTube and Facebook. These videos – like several other made-for-digital materials of Jollibee – have also been featured in the reaction videos of several YouTubers around the world and were positively received for its powerful and engaging storytelling and highly relatable message.


“Crush” tells the story of a young man who was head-over-heels in love with his schoolmate and chose to express his admiration by leaving anonymous notes posted on her favorite Jollibee Yumburger. The feel-good story is part of the fast-food chain’s phenomenal three-series Kwentong Jollibee campaign released last Valentine’s Day 2017.


“Regalo ni Lolo”, on the other hand, is a Christmas video special which captures a grandfather’s earnest desire to find the perfect gift for his apo. He eventually stumbles upon Jollibee’s talk and blush doll—a simple gift, that meant the world to his beloved granddaughter.

These two videos by Jollibee also earlier made it to the PH’s leaderboard as one of the top 10 most viewed YouTube ads in the country for the first semester of 2017.

Jollibee Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer and PH Marketing Head Francis Flores says of the recognition, “It is an honor for us at Jollibee, and being the only local brand, to join the world’s most impactful ads at the FeelMore50 charts. With this affirmation, we will be all the more inspired to create resonant and heartwarming stories based on a powerful truth, and further deepen our engagement with our audience by churning out top-notch content consistently.”

Since 2003, the ranking has showcased the power of emotional advertising and recognized the best works in the industry. Topping this year’s list is Mondelēz International’s Belvita Next Stop: Good Mornings, a video released online for the U.K. market.


Jollibee Around the World toys: Kids can go places with their imagination and Jolly Kiddie Meal

Project Marci_KV

Jolly kids will have an exciting playtime as they explore different countries and cities with their imagination and a special Jollibee 40th anniversary collectible – the Jolly Kiddie Meal Jollibee Around the World toys.

For the past 40 years, the country’s most loved fast-food chain has been serving up joy to the Philippines and to the world. Now, it opens up a whole world of joy for youngsters to discover as Jollibee introduces them to Canada, Vietnam, New York, Texas, and the Philippines, dressed in some of the most iconic costumes from these places.

With the Jolly Kiddie Meal Jollibee Around the World toys, kids can score an ice hockey goal in Canada, play Vietnamese Dong Son drums in the streets of Hanoi, welcome visitors at the Statue of Liberty in New York, round up some cows in Texas, and celebrate their proud heritage in the Philippines.

The Jollibee Around the World toys come with every purchase of a Jolly Kiddie Meal: Yumburger Meal at P94, Jolly Spaghetti Meal at P99, or Chickenjoy Meal at P125. Grab these cool collectibles along with your own Jolly Joy Box.

Hurry, collect all five Jolly Kiddie Meal Jollibee Around the World toys from February 1 to 28, 2018 and be a part of Jollibee’s 40th anniversary celebration by spreading a world of joy today!

5 ways to engage kids in good hygiene habits

5 Ways to Engage Kids in Good Hygiene Habits this 2018

Keeping your child clean can be a huge challenge for parents everywhere. At an early age, children don’t see the wash, lather, and rinse routine as a necessity, so it’s up to you as parents to include fun and engaging activities in your daily cleanliness routine. Here are a few tips from Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo to make your kids look forward to their hygiene routine.

  1. Hygiene kits pay off

Before sending them off to school, it’s helpful to pack a hygiene kit for them to use. Baby wipes are a great fix for cleaning hands before and after eating at school. It’s also a safer option for younger kids to use instead of rubbing alcohol which might spill or come into contact with their eyes.

You can opt for alcohol-free wipes that are specially designed to use for eating.

Other must-haves are lightly scented baby powders, colognes, fresh face towels, and other toiletries.

  1. Enjoy bath time moments

Making bath time fun is a surefire way to create priceless moments with your children.

To make sure your kid is lice-free, it helps to use Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo twice a week. Use the 10-minute lathering time to style your kid’s hair into a shark’s fin or an outrageous mohawk. This way, you can make sure your child is well bathed and lice free while creating happy bonding moments.

  1. 1, 2, 3, Brush your teeth!

It’s also helpful to buy cute and charming products that can boost their excitement. A toothpaste with their favorite cartoon characters or a light up toothbrush is a great way to make brushing fun.

Invite your child to join you while brushing. You can dance to the tune of the swish-swish sounds your brush makes. Don’t be afraid to incorporate music into your routine.

  1. Sing the germs away

The music trick can also be helpful with handwashing by singing together as you rub and scrub your way into clean hands.

You can try simple nursery rhymes like “Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands” (to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”), “This is the Way We Wash Our Hands” (to the tune of “Mulberry Bush”), or better yet, create a unique song together!

  1. Stress-free nail-clipping

Not all kids are fond of having their fingernails cut; sometimes it’s as hard as making them eat vegetables! To avoid dirt from getting stuck underneath their tiny fingernails, help your child enjoy nail-clipping by singing them a fun song or telling them a short story that involves their fingers. “This Little Piggy” and “Finger Family” are just a few examples of songs and stories that will keep your kids distracted while you cut their nails.

Taking good care of your child isn’t as wearying if you put the fun in everything. Aside from having bonding moments with your kid, they can also enjoy the good of their well-being. All you need to do is pay attention to their hygiene while making the best out of every moment you create with your kid.

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The Sandy Project: Now in its 5th Year


Dengue has already become a year-round threat in the Philippines. As a mom of 3 kids aged 11, 8 and 6, seeing and hearing all those news about dengue makes me worry a lot. So I see to it that my kids were armed with the best of health, long pants to wear at school + mosquito repellant and patches. If my kid had a rash or an insect bite I get panicky and I pray that it’s not Dengue.
The Sandy Project: Now in its 5th year, is An advocacy that aims to teach schoolers the dangers of dengue and how to protect themselves from the dreadful disease. With this milestone, a fundraising activity is set to happen on Feb. 12 at the Green Sun building in Makati City.
Based on national surveillance data collected between 2011 and 2015, 
There was an average of 220 dengue cases reported across the Philippines every day. InterHealth
With dengue making headlines again following the deaths of several children related to the controversial vaccine and immunization program launched by the government last year, Aranas is convinced the Sandy Project is on the right track, hence their “Night of Thanksgiving and Charitable Giving” event this month.
It was Ma. Louella “Peaches” Aranas, who started the advocacy in 2013 after her daughter Sandy succumbed to dengue at the age of 10 years old. Her group is looking for benefactors who would help the project reach at least 5,000 school kids this year.

“Children should be empowered to take care of themselves. Thus I’m hoping Sandy Project will have a stronger impact on the kids, because they’ll realize Sandy was a child too. Maybe there will be one less Sandy this year. That’s just my goal,” Aranas said.

Jollibee’s new Pop-Out Pens make doodling more fun this New Year

JB Project Marlo_KV

This 2018, jolly kids can kick off a new year with some fun and creativity with Jollibee’s new Jolly Kiddie Meal Pop-Out Pens.

Start the year right and let your kids show their imagination through some arts and crafts. There’s no better way to make doodling more fun than with these cute pens that come in five colorful designs featuring Jollibee, Popo, Yum, Hetty and Twirlie.

Kids will surely be excited to click and draw with these adorable pens. They can simply press down the knob to see the Jollibee and friends’ body pop out and use the pens to unleash their creativity as they sketch artworks of princesses in enchanted forests, superheroes flying around the city or even of Jollibee and friends in Jollitown.

The Jollibee Pop-Out Pens come with every purchase of a Jolly Kiddie Meal: Jolly Spaghetti Meal at P95, Yum Burger Meal at P90 or Chickenjoy Meal at P123. Grab these cool collectibles along with your own Jolly Joy Box.

The Jolly Kiddie Meal Pop-Out Pens will be around until January 31, 2018. So what are you waiting for? Collect and complete the entire set and draw with the Jollibee and friends pens!

Jollibee celebrates milestone 40th year with anniversary anthem featuring Gary Valenciano and Sarah Geronimo

Jollibee - Apat na Dekada
Apat na Dekada. Jollibee marks 40 years of spreading joy with a new anniversary jingle, performed by two of the country’s biggest stars, Gary Valenciano and Sarah Geronimo.


Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano and Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo join forces for a one-of-a-kind collaboration that capture the joy-filled stories of Filipinos to mark the 40th anniversary of the country’s number one fast food chain.

Entitled ‘Apat na Dekada’, the upbeat and heart-warming song encapsulates four decades of joyful moments shared with generations of Filipinos who have made Jollibee a part of their lives. The song was composed by Thyro Alfaro in collaboration with Jollibee’s creative agency, McCann World Group Philippines.

For the past 40 years, Jollibee has been a home to stars who have served as their brand ambassadors. The stellar list includes Sarah and Gary who headlined some of the most memorable Jollibee campaigns but none quite as special as the 40th anniversary anthem.

One of the brand’s first endorsers, Gary shared how it feels to have reached full circle, “I was happy then, overjoyed now because it is 40 years later and I’m doing something with them again.”

For her part, Sarah has been a part of the Jollibee family since 2005 and has since become one of the country’s biggest superstars, growing a wider audience in the same way that Jollibee has continued to spread its reach in the country and across the globe.

While recording the song, the two artists felt waves of nostalgia as they looked back at their own Jollibee moments with their loved ones.

“‘Yung entirety nung message nung kanta, inisa-isa niya ‘yung simple joys of life, ‘yung simple pero masagana, sincere at totoong-totoo kasi ako mismo nakita ko ‘yun, naranasan ko ‘yun, at naramdaman ko ‘yun,” shared Sarah.

Because the song struck a chord in both singers, they agreed it would also easily resonate among many Filipinos. The Popstar Royalty added, “Kasi ‘yung Jollibee it’s not just a brand. Pinapahalagahan talaga ‘yung values ng pamilyang Pilipino, at saka yung importansya ng saya ng pagiging isang buong pamilya. Iyon ‘yung dahilan kung bakit naging malapit sa puso nating mga Pilipino ‘yung Jollibee.”

According to Gary, he was very happy that the brand had gone global. “I think that they’ve really been able to master that touch of going out of their way, maybe even bending backwards, to stick to what is Filipino, through and through, and it’s now creating an impact. Now people are seeing the consistency and I think that’s something I commend them for. So I think expanding into other countries is not only going to bring a piece of the product to them but it’s also going to bring a piece of the Filipino heart to people all over the world,” he shared.

This is the first taste of many surprises in store for Jollibee’s 40th anniversary year-long celebration. Be part of this special milestone by watching the special music video (LINK) and relive your very own jolly moments!

7-Eleven Philippines Goes Rogue!

This Christmas, the Force is strong with 7-Eleven.

If you’ve been to a 7-Eleven lately, you may have noticed that Star Wars fever is in full swing in the stores. In anticipation of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, 7-Eleven is giving its’ customers the opportunity to get awesome limited edition Rogue One collectibles.

Their major promo features collectible Rogue One cable organizers that customers can redeem when they buy at 7-Eleven and use their CliQQ app or Every Day! Rewards card.


Collect all 6 limited edition cable organizers by earning Rogue One E-Stamps. Every P100 single or accumulated purchase from any 7-Eleven store equals 1 Rogue One e-Stamp. Plus, customers can also earn additional Rogue One e-Stamps for every purchase of Booster products.

Once you earn 7 Rogue One E-Stamps, you can redeem your very own Rogue One cable organizer. There are also other ways to redeem: Customers can also get their very own collectible by earning 1 Rogue One E-Stamp or use 2 CLiQQ Points and add P39, or just buy it for P59!

But of course, the giving doesn’t stop there!

7-Eleven is giving lucky customers a chance to win awesome prizes in the raffle draw!


  • 30 winners of Star Wars Propel RC Drones
  • 7 winners of Sony Playstation 4 System Package
  • 5 winners of iPhone 7 128gb
  • 3 winners of A Trip for 2 To The Star Wars Celebration In Orlando, USA

To join, earn 1 Rogue One e-Raffle Entry for every P100 worth of purchase from 7-Eleven, and earn additional Rogue One e-Raffle Entries each time you buy a Booster product. It’s as simple as that!

Aside from the cable organizers, customers can get their hands on limited edition Rogue One Gulp Tumblers. Star Wars fans can collect the tumblers when they buy Gulp Pepsi Max for P89.


But of course, the excitement doesn’t stop there! Buying Gulp Pepsi Max products also earns you an e-Raffle ticket to win more awesome prizes.


  • 350 winners of Rogue One Movie Posters
  • 50 winners for 4 Rogue One Movie Ticket Invites

7-Eleven is definitely the best place you can stop over to gear up and save the rebellion! Visit any 7-Eleven store to start collecting Rogue One goodies now!

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